Saturday, July 25, 2015

Great end to a third week

Hey everyone. So this week has been crazy. This week as always there have been so many great kids to get to know and meet at the childrens museum. One thing that's been very cool is this week we have been catching so many fish. We caught several perch. This week I thought there was a major gasoline spill which wasn't good, but it was actually an algae bloom. Great things have been happening. For example, I met two little boys who were about 7 years old and what was really cool is they were identical twins. So the whole time it was so much fun to watch them play with the crabs and fish together. When one of the twins and I were done pulling up the trap I showed him the crab that we caught and he just said "I'm going to name him frank." The other twin said he wanted to catch a shark. They were both so cute. I hope everyone is enjoying there summer and enjoy your weekend.

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