Friday, July 24, 2015

Pockets Full of Sand

Hey Save the Harbor! 
It was one of the hottest weeks of the summer so far! Thankfully, that didn't stop the kids from coming to Carson beach! Many of them headed straight to the water for a chance to cool off. It was a blast! Bucket after bucket of water, the kids were playing no games as they splashed each other with water. Plenty of them also had a chance to bury each other in the sand! Never have I seen so many heads just peeking out of the sand at once. Most of them were surprised to find tons of sand in their pockets as well. This little girl was thrilled that she had the chance to eat lunch in the sand.

It was also a nice day to go fishing with the kids. They always seem to have fun casting the line and waiting for a bite. Whether it is their first time fishing or their 100th time fishing, they always come back for more! It's all smiles fishing at Carson. I just can't wait to see their face when they actually catch a fish. See you next time!


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