Friday, July 24, 2015

Third Week at Blacks Creek

So far it has been great at Blacks Creek. It has been really fun! We have been catching more and more crabs each week and the kids love it! We usually catch crabs and at the end of the day, and we take some and cut them up and use them for bait for the next day.  The kids fight over which one of them is going to throw the crab trap in the water, so every day we pick the kid who had been on their best behavior for the day and they get to throw the trap in the water!
Getting the Crab out of the Trap
  Some of the older kids are not interested in touching a crab or picking it up, We have them play games such as Taps and soccer with the ball. Its always good to keep everyone engaged and having fun.
                                                              Till next time,

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