Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paddle Boarding on a Windy Day

Kayaks fighting the wind
This Friday I learned that paddle boarding and a strong head wind do not mix well. I am relatively new at paddle boarding and got a little too ambitious. I set my goal to reach JFK Library from Carson because it would have been the farthest I've gone out on a paddle board. The water seemed rather calm from the beach so I did not think I would have any difficulties. Lindsey and Kristen also decided to take paddle boards out while everyone else took out kayaks. Getting out to JFK library was easy, the wind pushed me out so I had to do a minimum amount of work. Once I reached JFK, I knew I was in trouble. The water was very choppy and I was having to balance myself m
ore than usual. Everyone else was also having difficulty moving in the wind. We all turned around to head back but any time we advanced, a large gust of wind blew us back to our starting points. We battled our way against the wind, giving it our all. The kayaks got in first, but Lindsey, Kristen, and I took longer. We found it easier to sit or kneel on our boards than to stand, making everything more balanced. We finally made our way back to the beach and were happy to be on dry land. We all definitely got a good work out in! I might stick to kayaks next week!!

Talk to you again next week!


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