Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A little Introduction

Hey, Everyone! My name is Kamal Taylor and I'm a Junior Program Assistant at Save the Harbor Save the Bay. I like being around water, especially during the summer time. At my last job, Camp Harbor View, I was able to help kids. With Save the Harbor I am able to combine my love for helping kids and being around the water. I like playing games and sports as well has hung out with friends which is my favorite pastime. I'm 16 years old and live in Mattapan. I believe I'm funny, kind, and a good role model for younger kids to hang around. I'm the youngest out of my siblings and I live with my family of five. 

This is me and one of the kids during our lunch break!
During the week I go to school at Prospect Hill Academy and this fall I am going to be a Junior. I'm a pretty good student if I say so myself. On weekends I either hang out at home or with friends. As long as I'm doing something that keeps me occupied. I feel that I'm creative and I know how to talk to people. Another few basic things about me is my favorite actor is Jason Statham, my favorite TV show is Ridiculousness. I'm planning to go to North Eastern and would like to become a psychologist for my career. I hope to make as many friends here as possible and have as much fun as possible too. 

My goal in life is to live it to the maximum and make everyone happy.
I hope I enjoy this summer working along side you all!

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