Saturday, July 8, 2017

Adventures from All Access

It's safe to say that working for Save the Harbor Save the Bay is the best job ever. On my very first day I was a little nervous. I'm not always great at talking loud of making new friends, but through working on All Access with David Coffin I learned how to use a loud voice. All the kids who came were so excited to be on the boat, never mind to travel to an island. One kid really touched my heart. He was only two years old. Jenn and I referred to him as "blue crayon kid" because we didn't know his name, but we knew he wouldn't let go of the blue crayon we gave him. After we got off the boat however he shortly found me again up in the meadow. He became obsessed with the soccer ball I had and we began to play catch and chase. After about 15 minutes we were best friends and when his mom tried to put a hat on his head he ran and hugged me to hide from her.

Me and the infamous blue crayon kid!
On Thursday, I met another girl who works with the circus. She showed Vince and I how to do cartwheels which was very amusing. Below is a picture that our senior harbor educator Jen took of us. The rest of the day we played pickle with the island visitors and we all swam in the ocean!

Until the next adventure!
Patrice Haney

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