Saturday, July 8, 2017

Track Star to Expert Fisherwoman

Winter Track 2017 (I won the 55m dash by 0.1 seconds!)

Hello! My name is Patrice Haney. I grew up in Holbrook, MA and am 17 years old. I love playing soccer and running track just about as much as I can. I've been playing soccer since I was 3 and I've been going to states for track since I was in 7th grade. They are my passions. This year I will be captains of both the varsity soccer and spring track teams. I have two younger brothers. One is an animal expert who could rattle off 5 facts about any animal you can name, the other is a major sports fan. Anything he tries he's good at. His main goal is to be better than me at all the sports I play, but you already know I'm going to make that as difficult as possible for him. I started going to Cardinal Spellman in 9th grade and have loved it ever since. I'm usually scared when it comes to making new friends but now I have more than I could've ever asked for thanks to sports. My dad grew up on Revere beach and it's one of his favorite places-- that and the mountains of course. His mom still lives there and there's nothing more she'd rather do than bring her grandchildren to HER beach.

I always visited my grandmother as much as I could for as long as I can remember. She lives on revere beach in the Point of Pines. I always adored her love for the harbor. I'm pretty sure I learned to dig for clams before I could walk. There was nothing I loved more than going to the beach with her as much as I could. My first time helping Save the Harbor Save the Bay was about four years ago when my grandmother asked me to do the Cupid Splash with her, but that shortly turned into the Shamrock Splash because of all the snow and freezing temperature of the water! I gladly joined and helped her raise as much money as we could. I've been jumping into the ocean in March ever since then. I love my grandmother and Lord knows she loves her beach, so naturally that love has passed down to me.

See you on the harbor

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