Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ahmed signs out, Qalid signs in!

Whenever I am asked to tell a story about a favorite, or most memorable experience at the beach, I always choose the one that happened in the summer of 2014. I was only 12, and my dad took me and my two sisters Zam and Samira to Africa, specifically Mombasa, Kenya (at least this is where my experience took place). It was a very hot day, in the middle of July, and I remember that because that is when Ramadan was, and my dad was starving. He really knew the area, and he woke us up and said “let's go to the beach!”, and so we hopped on their style of a taxi, and made our way. Getting there the beach was absolutely beautiful. The sand was nearly white, no trash, the water cold and clear, but one things for sure, the smell was not so good.

It turns out poop was on the back parts of the beach in the tall grass, and that is because animals were at the beach! The biggest ones: horses, and camels were grazing on the beach, but being supervised, and were allowed to be rode if you payed a very small price. Automatically, I was attracted to the camel, considering I have never seen one before and getting on it was the hardest part. You never know if the camel is getting up behind first, or head first, and I learned that the hard way when I fell backwards because the camel got up so fast. After actually listening to the tour guide say “hold tight”, I had a very relaxing ride and it was by far my favorite experience at the beach.

Talk to you later!
- Qalid Hassan

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