Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hi I'm Vince, Nice to Meet You

Just another day in the office.
My Name is Vince Vila I am from Brighton, my parents are from Peru which I recently visited about two years ago. I like to do hands on activities and move around a lot because it is way better than sitting down doing paper work. When I have nothing to do I usually like to listen to music or go and hang out with my friends.

I think Save the harbor save the bay is a great job for me because I like to be active and I have been dealing with younger kids all my life so I have good experience working with them. I have 3 younger siblings which at the moment are 9, 11 & 15. When they were younger I would always take care and look after them when my mom wasn't around and I still do to this day, so being around younger children isn't anything new to me.

I am excited to join the Save the Harbor Save the Bay team!

Sincerely, Vince Vila

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