Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amazing week so far!

   This week has been going pretty well so far, and today was amazing. It started out with the first group of kids for the day, it was rather a small group, so we mostly let the children look for most of the time. Usually the children go into the water to search for crabs and then want to do something different. But today the first group only wanted to look for the sea creatures, so that group was pretty tame. But the second group had more story to it, the second group went to look for crabs for like a good 30 minutes and then we all decided to go to up to the fields to play soccer. But the thunder storm didn't want that. As soon as we heard the thunder we got all the children to go under the pavilion to make sure they didn't get shocked. After that we stayed in the pavilion and played taps(Catch but you have to jump when you catch or throw the ball).

   After lunch we went to the Boston Children's Museum, there we did the usual: catching crabs and showing people said crabs but today we caught something extraordinary. We caught a moon jellyfish! The little thing was lust floating on the water so I held the rope while Sam threw the net. (So I did technically pull up the jellyfish!) After we got the jellyfish it got most of the attention rather than the crabs but in the end both the crabs and the moon jellyfish were put back in the water.
The Moon Jellyfish is very transparent!

Can't wait to have a strong finish!

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