Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crab-mania at CHV

The bravest holding two green crabs!
Hey everyone! So this is week two at Camp Harbor View and it's been a very fun and interesting one. Unfortunately, our fishing trip got cancelled because of the bad weather, but instead we got to catch crabs and teach the kids about them.  First, we got our crab trap and put a fish head in it to use as bait and then we threw it in and waited a couple of minutes. After a while, the kids eagerly put on their life jackets on to go down to the dock to pull up the crab trap to see if we had caught anything. They all wanted to help pull up the crab trap and as we pulled it up, a couple of crabs fell off on their way up but there were about eight still in the trap. It was nice to see how all of their faces lit up in amazement and curiosity at seeing all the different crabs.

Holding the "Ugly Spider Crab"
There were rock crabs, green crabs, and of course the "ugly spider crabs" as they called them. Many of them were scared to hold the crabs for the first time and others already knew what they were doing. Even though not everyone held a crab, they all touched them... or at least stared at them in fear from 20 feet away... but hey, that was me last year too until I finally got over my fear.

Overall, teaching them about the crabs was a really fun experience and I also got to remember a thing or two about crabs that I had forgotten. They haven't caught any fish yet, so seeing the crabs was at least a good reminder to them that the harbor is still alive indeed and along with crabs, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Until next time! - Rusenny

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