Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New to Black's Creek

Early morning at Blacks Creek.

This Monday was my first day at Blacks Creek in Quincy and it was super fun. I learned how to play gaga ball and I learned that crabs can molt their shells off.

In our second group of kids, a young girl found a molting crab and placed it in the touch tank. As I watched her trying to pick it up I decided to try to help her to hold it properly. I grabbed the dorsal surface and pulled it out of the water to place it in Molly's net and grabbed the underside and noticed it felt soft to the touch. I quickly pulled my hand away in fear that something was wrong with the crab and called over my senior harbor educator, Zach. After Zach's close observation he told me the crab was molting, in other words it was shedding its old shell because it had out-grown it and was in the process of growing a new one. It felt soft for now and as time passes the shell will harden. I never knew that crabs outgrew their shells and it was an amazing experience to be able to see the transition.


Molting Crab

When the groups came we introduced ourselves and role played our favorite sea animals, then got to fishing with dip nets in the creek. We caught plenty of green crabs and Silversides and, if you observe closely in the tank, there was a small shrimp. After fishing we would go up the hill to play games and sports such as dodgeball, kickball, and gaga ball which I learned how to play and it was so fun and exhilarating. I enjoyed being there as much as the children.

Around 11 we ended the program and went on our lunch break and after we returned to Boston's Children's Museum to finish up the day. I got to add some chalk artwork along the walkway for pedestrians and guests to see as they walked by. Overall I had a really good Monday!

It's lit

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