Thursday, July 13, 2017

Update from the Children's Museum

Hey how’s it going,
Today at the Boston Children's Museum we started the day off by setting up our sight stations. A few minutes later kids started to arrive with their parents. Some of them wanted to fish instantly while others wanted to touch and view the green crabs in our touch tank.
This week at the Boston Children's Museum we lost both of our crab traps into the harbor.. We tried getting the crab traps back with the fishing rods, but no matter how hard we would try it seemed to never work.
Later that day we weren't able to catch as many green crabs as we did in the morning. In the past couple days including today we haven't caught one single fish but the group but I won't give up just yet.
Green Crabs love to hug?
Today we learned that green crabs are known for being an invasive species that was first spotted in southern Massachusetts in 1817. They seem to do well in environments where they can hide from any of their predators. The adult green crabs usually grow from 2.5 to 4 inches.
Some of the things that the kids from Boston Children's Museum loved doing most of the time when they are not fishing is coloring the dock with color chalks. Teaching kids who don't know much about fishing or about Boston  Harbor can be exciting. The kids love giving each green crab a unique name that fits the crab they are holding or that they catch. People find the program Save the Harbor Save the Bay to a great source of learning for them and their kids.
Edward Calderon

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