Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fishing at the Children's Museum!

Being born and raised in Boston, one of my favorite places as a kid was the Boston Children's Museum, and I am sure this applies to an even greater amount of teens like me. Getting the chance to go back there, but as a more mature person was a wonderful experience. Walking through those steps I was overcome with nostalgia, and I was very happy looking back at what I used to do here, climbing their mini obstacle course being my favorite, but bubbles and science lessons as well. However, it was time to start a new chapter and work there for the kids that came with their families and do my part teaching them how to fish and giving them lessons about the harbor.

My first ever crab race.
I would not have thought that the kids would be so intrigued by crabs and fishing, but I was clearly wrong. Kids rushed over to see the crab traps, and loved petting them. Some held the crabs, others loved to do crab races, and it was shocking that everyone of them loved setting them back into the water. The kids we work with are very smart, and picked up on the lessons really quickly. One demonstration was all it took for them to learn how to fish, and catch some crabs, though the waiting part did not catch on so well. They loved lifting up the crab traps, and learning about the difference between male and female crabs, and how to identify the different types of crabs. 

Results of a little kid lifting up the crab trap.
Here at Save the Harbor, a daily goal is to do something you had never done before. Most of the kids had not gone fishing before, touched or held a crab, or have ever been to the Children's Museum. Something that I had never done before was using a crab as fishing bait. Though the process of baiting the crab was kind of hard to get used to, it was fun to learn how it is done, and how to do it properly. The kids hated having to leave us, but one of the kids said to me "I like to strive for greatness, can I fish myself?", and I was able to learn from someone younger than me, which does not happen often for a teenager like me-- it sure stuck with me. I will be looking forward to my next time back at the Children's Museum.

See you next time!
Qalid Hassan

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