Friday, July 7, 2017

Crabs, Crabs and more Crabs

This week was a very interesting one! Even though it was only a three day
Baby green crab!!!!
week, we still had lots of fun. Sadly we didn't catch any fish, but we did catch a whole lot of crabs, we caught about 100 actually!

I had lots of fun meeting new people and finding about all about their experiences with fish! I meet a girl who didn't know how to fish but loooooved fishing shows, she was telling me about a fish that could grow up to a third of one of the tall ships, would you believe that? I was able to bust out my knowledge on fish to wow her telling her about the Angler fish and how the male I so much smaller than the females, they actually latch onto their mates and act as a type of parasite during mating.

During the slower times we held crab races with the kids using the crabs we had, the very first race, we hyped it up so much, we placed them down, and crickets started to chirp. None of them wanted to move. Happily I got over my fear of crabs, like everyone probably does, really easily by picking one up and hoisting up the crab traps. In the end, it was a lot of fun and I cant wait to go back!

See yall on the harbor! Garrett.

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