Friday, July 7, 2017

Lawn On D

Hello Everybody!

I'm telling you, this ball is huge!
   Saturday night I had the chance to go to the Lawn on D and play some volleyball. Only, this wasn't your typical volleyball game...Instead, we played with a giant soccer ball! The ball was taller than I am! The game was a huge hit and at least forty people were playing the game at once!   
   One of the greatest parts about the game was the community it seemed to create. People of all ages, sizes and color came together to simply play the game. There was no separation of  groups, instead there was just teams of people who had never met before trying to have some fun! 
Teamwork makes the dream work!
     Another really cool part of the night was the teamwork displayed by the people playing the game. As it got windier the net began to cause some technical difficulties, however, nobody lost their patience or left to go somewhere else. Instead, they offered their help and waited for it to be fixed before continuing their game. even at the end of the night, when somebody lost their earring, everybody took out their flashlights to help look for the missing jewelery. It was great to see people come together to enjoy a fun game of giant volleyball!

      Play On!

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