Friday, July 7, 2017

Save The Bay Or Save The Day?

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Hey how’s it going everyone, my name is Edward Calderon Casimi but you can call me Eddie. I decided to come back to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay because I wanted to further my Boston Children Museum experiences. During the years that I was currently active working with Save the Harbor/Save the bay I’ve had the most fun, and the most memorable moments that I could ever ask for. In each site that is assigned to a group of JPA’s you are guarantee to learn something new without a doubt. I enjoy giving important facts about animals and any sea animals that we catch out on the bay. Most importantly the good feeling of happy kids enjoying their summer. The group and I were currently placed at the Boston Children Museum down by the blue dock.
On our first day at the Boston Children Museum we didn’t catch any fish of any type. The group and I were only able to catch male and female Asian green crabs throughout the day. The type of bait that our team was using to try and catch something off the Harbor was fish meat. Even though the fish meat wasn’t bringing us anything but crabs it was certainly bringing us more kids. The kids where definitely interested in touching the green crabs and learning fun facts about them. The kid’s favorite activity aside from fishing was having the green crabs race each other. The first green crab to crawl out the “circle of race” would be crowned the winner. Some of the kids would often give the crabs a name that would be unique to the crab itself.
Kids that haven’t had a chance to fish before find this program at the Children Museum very fun to know about and be part of. It’s interesting meeting new people who come from different countries and have their own way in fishing. People often don’t realize the advantages that they provide here at the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Some of the people visiting would fish out in the cold while others prefer to fish during the summer. When I asked about the results most of them said they would catch more fish during the cold then the summer due to fewer movements in the ocean. On my second day back to the Boston Children Museum nobody wanted to draw but start fishing. Kids sometimes wondered why we would catch and release and not why we wouldn’t catch and keep.

I would later explain why we sometimes wouldn’t be able to keep the fish due to size or population notice. But when the program actually uses the fish it isn’t going to waste, it’s either used as bait or used to make fancy fish prints. After a good day of fishing and communicating with the kids at the Boston Children museum I headed to my aunt’s house. While I was at my aunt’s house cleaning up the parakeet cage I notice that the house cat was playing with the curtains. That’s when I noticed that one of the baby parakeets were out on top of the curtains just teasing the house cat. As I was trying to save it from the cat I was standing on a wooden chair. A few seconds later as I was still standing on the chair, one of the legs of the chair broke. The moment the chair broke I immediately fell and felt a pop or a pull when I landed on my left foot. I wasn’t able to move it so I had to drag myself to the living room couch and wait for the ambulance. This affects my summer job by not letting me interact with the kids who visit the program and limits me from precipitating in further actives where I will be needed. 

Sincerely Edward Calderon

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