Friday, July 7, 2017

First Day, Not My Last

Nieomi taught me how to catch crabs
Look at all the crabs we caught in the trap!

Racing crabs to their home!
       Hey guys I am back and I am better than ever. First day of work went better than I planned! We caught roughly 30-40 crabs and had a lot of kids help us fish as well as pulling up the crab trap. Did you know that green crabs have five sharp edges which spell out the color green? Did you also know that they are not even green? Female crabs have a pyramid shaped belly meanwhile male grabs have a belly shaped like a lighthouse! Most females have an orange/red belly but males can too. I used what I learned in biology class this year to inform kids how the barnacle and the crabs have a commensalistic relationship, where one organism benefits (barnacle) and the other organism is unaffected (crab). Cool right!

Getting hugged by a crab
   I got rid of my fear of crabs and even got pinched and it was not bad I promise. I love the feeling of showing a little kid something they've never seen. I love seeing the crab trap full and the face of all the kids going "woah" it is the coolest thing ever!

~see you next week, Jennifer Rosa

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