Sunday, July 16, 2017

Curious on George's Island

For those who did not know, the cite All Access alternates between Spectacle and George's Island weekly, and it was finally my time to travel through the island and listen to the ghost stories, experience the dark tunnels, and most importantly work with some kids. The weather was not so good considering the fact it was both hot and rainy, but we pulled through.

 photo IMG_1882_zpsdhgxycag.jpg
The dark tunnel. SPOOKY!

We first landed on the island, and it was such a beautiful sight, the green grass and the high trees, I knew it was going to a great first time here. After lunch, David Coffin took us to see the dark tunnels. Lucky for us, we got there first so we can actually go through a dark labyrinth and not have people go through with people using their flashlights. I was such a scaredy cat, and Patrice had to hold my hand as we walked through. I shouted, hit my head off a door and a wall, and got pranked by David, but it was really fun conquering this fear.
Made a new friend :D

After walking through, and looking for the lady in black, it was time for us to get some kids to play some sports with us, and might I say it is harder than you think. We played dodgeball, soccer and volleyball and it was a lot of fun. The highlight of all of this was definitely climbing trees. Vince tried so hard to get up there, and the rest of my team really wanted me to do it. Getting up there was easy, but being the youngest, I acted like it and was scared to get down. A six foot guy like me saw the distance and panicked. Patrice counted off from 3 and if I did not get down I was going to be barraged with the balls that we had. I did not hesitate to jump off, and then the rest of my team climbed the tree as well. This was a really fun first time at George's Island, and I can't wait until next week to go back. Until then!

See ya later! :)
Qalid Hassan.

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