Sunday, July 16, 2017

Georges Island Week 1

George's island was so much fun, the kids were amazing and so energized and playful that we didn't want to leave. Wednesday was the first time I did sports on the island it was actually really fun. We played football, kick ball and soccer. I was bad at all these games, but one of the best parts of going to this island was that I got to go into the tunnels. It was very scary, our guide David scared me so many times! I was terrified! There's a story called "the lady in black" that's taken place on the island and everyone that goes with us on the island knows about the story. When we got on the island while we were playing sports, I saw a lady wearing black head to toe!  The kids saw her and were really scared, it was hilarious.    

This is one of the tunnels. It's so dark in there, its like walking around with your eyes closed in the dark. 

Today I did fishing, it was fun and we caught a lot more crabs. The only reason we didn’t get fishes is because with the boat there it scares away the fish so the only thing down there is the crabs, but it's still exciting to see the young kids have fun fishing. I love how happy the kids get when they reel in a crab! Even if it's not a fish, they still enjoy the feeling of catching something. 

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