Sunday, July 9, 2017

First Day at All Access

Me showing the kids how to determine the sex
of a crab!

Last week was the first day at All Access. This is my second year at Save the Harbor Save the Bay and my second year working at All Access. I enjoyed working here last summer and am very excited to be back at a familiar site. Although there are new people and things are a little different, it was just as fun as it was last year.

The day was a Green Crab gallery galore!
We had lots of people come out to Spectacle Island with us but not as many as we usually get, but it is only the first week and there is a whole lot more families and communities to come. On my first day, we had lunch and then went swimming off the island when we arrived. The water was freezing and welcoming as usual and the view of the city of Boston was amazing. After a dip at the beach we split into two groups and I assisted hosting the fishing club for the rest of the day. Luckily we were able to catch some green crabs which got the kids super excited and happy. Many were brave enough to pet them and even hold them! Hopefully we will catch a lot more this summer.

It's lit

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