Tuesday, July 11, 2017

First Week Down

This first week has been a blast! My coworkers are really funny and I'm actually excited to go to work tomorrow morning. It's been a little challenging to wake up early every morning for sure but I really do look forward to going to work everyday!! I love fishing and talking to the little kids, they are so so cute and really nice. This little girl and I were upset because we didn't catch a fish but I still gave her hope. We ended up not catching anything but she was still happy to touch the flounder we were using for bait.

My crew and I looked like we actually jumped in the Charles River!

When we went to Spectacle Island, my favorite thing that happened to me was catching a green crab with one of the kids. He caught 3 green crabs and almost caught a spider crab but it fell off before we could get it onto the pier. I was bummed but it's okay at least we caught something. On our break we went swimming at the beach! Even though I don't like touching the seafloor in the water because I'm scared of the crabs pinching my feet, I still went in deep and had a lot of fun. I really have fun with the kids and my coworkers and everyday is a new adventure! I love it!

See you next week,

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