Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hey everyone,
         It's good to be back in the harbor for the summer. Well for all that don't know me, i'm Nieomi Colon and I'm 17 years old and I'm an upcoming senior at Cristo Rey Boston. I'm very interested in poetry especially spoken word. When I graduate I plan on studying early education and that decision was based upon Save the Harbor, Save the Bay and my school as well. I love working with kids and helping them grow and teaching them lessons on life and letting them enjoy their childhood. it's beautiful.
reflection of myself at Carson beach.
          I've honestly missed working in the harbor and at the many different sites i was at. It's great to be back. If there's anything that I learned from last year it's that you break boundaries and grow as an individual when you're enjoying yourself and you see that other people are enjoying because of you. Save the Harbor has taught me a lot about myself like teaching kids, being myself at all times and to just smile and do things I haven't done before. I hope this summer will be just as exciting which for the most part I know it'll be. but I plan to do better than before and enjoy the new site I'm at and with new people that I've met so far.

until next time,

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