Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just as the CHV Save the Harbor crew was getting used to talking about crabs: how they eat, how to identify whether it is a male or female, what type it is, and that they have ten legs that can grow back when harmed; we were astonished when Maeve and Preston pulled up a lobster on Tuesday. Now, not having a ton of information about the ins and outs of lobsters, we pulled out our guidebook to equip ourselves with interesting facts to tell the campers. If we thought that the kids loved learning about, touching, and holding crabs, this was amplified tenfold when they encountered our lobster friend. I also had never caught a lobster before, and was almost as excited as the kids were. 

Excited about our catch!
A theme that has emerged on the end of the pier as we talk about an increasing number of sea creatures, is that we often compare them to characters from the show Spongebob. We have had Spongebob himself found on a crab arm, Squidward unfortunately as bait, and now we added one more to our crew. When one of the kids yelled "Larry the Lobster" we did not skip a beat in continuing to call it by that namesake. Although our lobster was not quite a keeper, we were able to show each group that day what was probably our most impressive catch this summer!

We are still waiting for more luck catching more than one Striped Bass, and are still hopeful especially after getting word that there are Stripers at both Spectacle Island and outside the Children's Museum. Even catching a skate would be just the thing we need to let the kids know that there are in fact more than just crabs and lobsters in the Boston Harbor. 

Keep your fingers crossed for a big catch this week!
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