Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Hey there how’s it going,
is the moon clear?
Once we got there our group started setting up the materials so they were available to be in use. This week at the Boston Children's Museum as the kids started to arrive there wasn’t much that we could show them, due to the low tide and a different fish used as our bait.

Some of the kids wanted to fish instantly while others just wanted to go view the touch tank filled with green crabs. Today at the Boston Children's Museum we caught our very first moon jelly. A moon jelly isn’t much of a picky eater, they often feed on planktonic species. Moon jellies are related to other jellyfish but don’t always show the same traits as them. Depending on the moon jelly’s diet they can change colors with what they eat.

Once we caught the moon jelly fish with our group net we started to show the children. Some children where afraid to pick up the moon jelly thinking that it would sting them. Moon jelly's wont sting humans or other animals unless they need to. The moon jelly was safely released back into the Harbor without any injuries, only used for educational purposes through the Save the Harbor Save the Bay program. Sometimes local people who live in Boston or nearby aren't really aware of what types of jelly fish the bay holds.

-Sincerely Edward Calderon

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