Monday, July 17, 2017

New Day New Kids

After the 1st week's success, a new group of kids came though. We got to know each other pretty well and started off with the usual game of Captain's Coming and then headed into the tent get to know each other more and talk about sailing, play marine hangman, and etc. The newest kids that arrived were pretty fun and had very nice personalities. The children were so energetic as well. For the 3 days I was there with them I definitely got to get to know them better and even help out some with their own problems.

Here's a child named fin touching the new fish we encountered.
During one of the days we pulled up a fish trap that contained a new species of fish that we haven't seen before in these areas. After further investigation we have decided it is a sculpin because it mostly relates to their features with the clear fins and greenish stripes. It was unexpected to catch a fish that isn't too residential to the waters around piers. It was a nice experience for me and others around me.

I hope your days are as good as mine

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