Monday, July 17, 2017

The Most Eventful Week So Far

This is the starfish Raymond caught
This week was an eventful one. Starting from helping each other out, overcoming fears, and even getting a starfish from the water. On Wednesday and Thursday there was this girl that had a fear of thunder and lightning. Once I learned, this I had to help her and so I did. I told her it was all in her head and imagination that was making her think thunder is so big and bad. I also told her that it was just people in the clouds having a party. I even got a thank you from the mother on the last day which was nice and put a smile on my face. Other than that the days were pretty normal we played games and even watches finding nemo when it rained on Thursday.

However on Thursday, despite the normality of it and the amount of times I got wet that day. My co-worker Raymond had seen a starfish under the water (it was low tide at the time) and he decided to go and get it. He went in a kayak and paddled towards it and eventually got it along with a few small cuts from a barnacle. He put it in the touch tank and we brought it up for the kids to see. They were really entertained by it. After that adventure we watched finding nemo, it was pretty good. Afterwards we continued with our normal routine and games we usually play. The children absolutely loved this game called "Bop Bop BipidiBopBop" and played it in the afternoon when they were getting ready to leave.

The white board the kids wrote the thank you message on

Friday was pretty eventful in a sense too. In the morning I walked into work and saw a thank you message on the whiteboard. The kids brought in snacks and during lunch we ate lots of it. It was fun and I could tell the kids had a good time with it.

My week was great and I hope your next week is too

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