Monday, July 17, 2017

New Member to the Touch Tank

Adding to our ocean

      Hello viewers, what did you do this week? I bet it was not as cool as my team's week. Wednesday, July 12, we caught a moon jelly. What was interesting about it was that a normal moon jelly has four horseshoe shaped figures at the top with small translucent tentacles, but this one had six horseshoe figures and no tentacles. The team and I came to the conclusion that because no one who held it got stung, that it was in fact a moon jelly but with a mutation or messed up gene. We looked in the field guide and I found out that jellyfish only float and move in with the current. I am convinced that the jellyfish we pulled up was dead because according to the field guide, moon jelly's can sting you and once you're stung you get a rash that lasts a couple hours. But it's very rare. 

A beautiful moon jelly that Sam netted out of the Harbor!
   On Thursday, we were rained out and went under the tent in the museum. We put two crab traps in the water and the tide was surprisingly really low. With those crab traps we pulled up a male and female green crab. While families waited in line we pulled them in to show them our fascinating catch. We drew under the tent with chalk and labeled all the ocean animals with fun facts about them while Garrett and Edward fished out another two crabs. Once the rain slowed down it was super cold and not much kids came outside. The only people walking by were mostly adults and we played Simon says and did a little running to keep warm. I met these two super adorable kids from Australia with the most heart-warming accent. I hope to have just as much fun next week if not more.                                            

See you next week, Jennifer Rosa

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