Monday, July 17, 2017

How far will you go to get a starfish?

If you worked with the Harbor Explorers at Piers Park, then you would know that the kids in the program go crazy when there is a sea creature in the touch tank. No matter what it is, either fish or crabs caught in the traps, they would gather around the touch tank to see what's in it. So when the rest of the Save the Harbor team and I saw a starfish on a rock during low tide, we thought it was a good idea to bring it in a touch tank and show the kids. So someone had to go into the water and try to get it. That's when one of the Save the Harbor staff, Raymond offered to get it.

At first, I thought he was joking because it was a cold, rainy day. When he went to get a kayak and a life jacket, I knew he wasn't kidding. He kayaked to where the starfish was and tried to reach for it but he couldn't reach it. He then got out of the kayak and tried to get the starfish. At that moment, it started to pour down making it harder to get the starfish. At one point, we offered him my umbrella to stop the drops on the water so it can be much easier to see. After five minutes of Raymond swimming around the dock trying to get the starfish, he finally got it, but while doing so he cut his finger on a barnacle. So we had to put the starfish in a touch tank with salt water in it and rushed him up to the tent so he could clean up his finger. When we got to the tent where all the kids were, they all started to crowd Briana, who was holding the tank, trying to catch a glimpse of the star fish. When she put it down, all the kids started to ask questions about who got it and the staff told them that Raymond got it. Everyone started to thank him and actually cheered for him getting the star fish. Now it's the day after and I'm not at Piers Park to see how all the kids are doing, but I bet that they are still talking about the star fish Raymond swam to get.
A sailing instructor holding the Star Fish
The Star Fish
Raymond holding the Star Fish in the Kayak

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