Monday, July 17, 2017

Nothin’ but Grey Skies

Hey everyone! So far this week has been full of rainy and stormy weather with only small bits of sunshine. This morning when we got to the island it was pouring rain and the kids seemed a bit languid and I can admit that I felt a bit tired and sluggish also because of the weather. We decided we couldn't fish while it was pouring so we played a game called aquarium. In this game, all the kids had to pick a sea animal and then we made a line from top predator to bottom. We had our hermit crab at the very bottom and our dolphins and sharks at the top. It was pretty cool to learn about the food web in this way and the kids especially enjoyed when we had to act like our animal to see who would "eat" who. It was a great way to have the kids see how all the aquatic species are interconnected. After the game was done everyone felt more energetic and it helped to change the mood despite the bad weather.
Petting a crab
Our green crab and fish friends
After the rain cleared up we decided to go to the dock for fishing club and the kids were excited to pull up the crab traps to see if we had caught anything. And of course we caught one the coolest things ever! It was not only a green crab but a small fish too! The kids were really amazed and one of them even wanted to keep it as a pet (which unfortunately he couldn't do because we wanted our fellow fish friend to live). We watched as the crab tried to get closer and closer to the little fish and then the fish would quickly swim away escaping its pinchers. After watching them both, we decided it was time to say goodbye and watched as the fish went down into the endless beautiful blue harbor, its home. I really can't wait to see what other interesting sea creatures we will find next!
                                                         See you soon! -Rusenny


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