Friday, July 10, 2015

A day at courageous and community boating

Today, I stepped away from all access and went to Courageous Sailing Center and Community Boating. At Courageous, Kelly showed the ropes to the kids about how to fish and how to do it safely.

Even though it was quiet fishing at Courageous, we all went down to the dock and pulled up a couple of crab traps. We found a lot of green crabs, a couple of rock crabs and two asian shore crabs. The kids were so excited to see all of the different crabs and wanted to play with them! One of the campers picked up a rock crab and started yelling that the crab had rabies because of all the bubbles that was coming out of the crabs mouth. He threw it back in the water because he was scared, but we explained to him that it was normal. At the end we had a crab race and see who has the fastest crab to crawl and dive in the water first.

At Community Boating we didn't catch anything until the very end when a camper caught a white perch! We put it in the touch tank for everyone to see and all of the kids agreed to name the white perch Freckles.

Andy Gomez

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