Friday, July 3, 2015

Call Me Tobin!

It’s 7:00PM on a Thursday and I have just returned home.  After having walked the distance from Sullivan Square station to my house, my knee is killing me.  I reach down into the knee-side pocket of my cargo shorts and I find that the cause of my misery is a bale of fishing line – and I smile. 

My name is John Tobin and by profession I am a teacher of mathematics and earth science, but by interest I am a teacher of fishing at Save The Harbor Save The Bay.  This is my first summer with the organization and I am happy to say that it is already off to a great start – and that all the fishing rods are rigged appropriately.

My first duty as Senior Harbor Educator came on Wednesday of this week when I had the opportunity to conduct a Fishing 101 lesson on George’s Island.  During my lesson, I went over drift rigs and float rigs – how to cast and how to reel in a lure - and most importantly how to catch fish safely and responsibly.

Fishing is an art of words.  The more you fish, the more you talk about fishing, the more you talk about fishing, the more you listen to others talk about fishing, and the more you listen, the more you learn.  I cannot wait to spend the rest of this summer letting students and their families in on those secrets. 

PS: That's me in the grey.

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