Friday, July 17, 2015

Fishing, Soccer, and Kayak racing

Hey everyone, Thursday and Friday have been great at Carson. Thursday the kids from the YMCA were so excited to see fishing rods and knowing that they would great the chance to catch a fish. They wanted to get so many turns at the rod and were a bit down when all they were catching seaweed, but they were happy that they caught something.

Friday morning was filled with an intense game of soccer with a different YMCA group who were so jubilant to see a soccer ball at the beach. So many smiling faces from both staff and campers, and great laughs from all. The afternoon was filled with double kayak races. The paddling was intense in the arms and burn in the legs it was still fun. The view from far out in the water looking back to the beach was incredible. Well that is all for this blog post, until next time!


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