Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi my name is Luke!

Hi my name Luke and I am a brand new intern at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay! I have come from the not so far away lands of West Hartford, Connecticut to learn the ways of public policy and clean water from the expert team working at STH/STB. My first lesson here, and probably most important, has been that people are at the core of any good policy. Much of what we do at STH/STB is to listen to the good folks of Boston and find ways to channel their passion for a clean environment through our work into meaningful actions and events. This lesson became clear as I took part in Save the Harbor’s Better Beaches Awards Grants Ceremony on Saturday, June 6 during which 35 organizations were awarded more than $200,000 to host free beach events this summer. These events range from Rock Concerts in Lynn to Quidditch Tournaments on South Boston Beaches. The work done at STH truly starts and ends with these people and communities who want clean beaches and clean water to utilize as a public space. We take Max Havlin’s excitement for flying broomsticks and dragons and give him a clean beach and commonwealth funding to bring his imagination to life for an entire community. Or we take Boston Community Boating Organization’s desire to bring sailing to hundreds of juniors this summer and work tirelessly to ensure the water in the harbor is safe for kids to fall into. Keeping the harbor clean is our goal, but the people of Boston are at core of everything we do.  

I am excited to be part of a dynamic team working for such a selfless and noble cause. Again, listening to what the People of Boston want, I anticipate some of our upcoming projects as interns will focus on ways to permanently rehabilitate Winthrop Beach or a plan to jump start the South Boston Harbor Trail Project. I look forward to working on these problems and making a difference for the people in these communities. Of course if you are a constituent of any community in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area and you have concerns, questions, or ideas to improve the Boston Harbor or Beaches, please contact us! We welcome your input warmly and will take action on your behalf.

As a new Bostonian, I am overwhelmed by the breadth of happenings in the City - ALL of which I wish to take part in! From open water swimming at Carson Beach, to dancing in Cambridge, to out door movie nights, museums, and concerts, is there a better place to spend summer than Boston? I wouldn’t believe you even if you told me there was. I feel genuinely welcomed by the people here and look forward to an amazing summer.

Keep checking the blog for more updates from my fellow new interns, Kirsten Pfister, Max Pohlnan, and Jessie Thuma (all fantastic people) as well as more information on our current projects. Keep loving your Beaches!

All the best,


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