Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let the Games Begin!

Hello! My name is Maxwilliams Iwuala and I am a rising junior, studying biology, at Stonehill College. This will be my first year working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and already it is off to a great start. This past week I visited Georges Island for the first time where I experienced the famous dark tunnel. Although it was fun feeling the adrenaline rush through my body, I am glad to be crossing it off of my to-do list; that tunnel sure is dark!
A fellow Lead Harbor Explorer (left) and myself (right) exploring Georges Island

Norah Dooley imparting her story telling wisdom
The Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff was fortunate enough to have met Norah Dooley the famous author and story teller, and also her pillaging counterpart, Mary the Pirate. Mrs. Dooley instructed the team how to visualize a memory and then share it using descriptive details from the recollection. Each one of us shared a story in 30 second, 60 second, and 3 minute versions enabling us to not only transmit the full memory to our peers, but also to sift through the details of the story and determine which are crucial to its understanding and which can be left out-- a very important skill when telling a story. All in all, I am very excited for this summer to officially commence; let the games begin!

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