Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ready For Summer!

Hi everyone!

I am Justin Warrener, and this is my first year with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay as a Senior Harbor Educator. I grew up in Glocester, Rhode Island and they don't call it the ocean state for nothing. I spent my summers all over the beaches and islands of Narraganset Bay. Whether I was swimming, digging for clams, or crawling over the rocks and catching crabs with hot dogs, I was always having fun exploring the coast.

Orientation Day 4: Nora Dooley's pirate show (I'm the one in blue).

These summer beach days really inspired my love of the sea, and when I started college at the University of Rhode Island I pretty much jumped into studying Marine Biology. This ended up providing me even more opportunities to explore the ocean and study the life within it, whether through class boating trips, field studies on the salt marshes and beaches, or SCUBA diving trips. Since my graduation last year, I've had the chance to volunteer with Save the Bay in Rhode Island helping to run a small aquarium in Westerly, RI where I was able to share my love of the sea and the life within it to children and visitors of all ages.

I am super excited for this summer, where I'll be able to explore a whole new harbor and share it with everyone! We are going to have a ton of fun!

Orientation Day 3: The whole Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Summer crew on Georges Island!

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