Thursday, July 16, 2015

When actions cause memories to float in

Being at the children's museum has brought in many memories from when I was younger.  I remember all the questions, the places, but mostly fishing as a youngster. My grandfather used to take me fishing , teaching me how to do the important things like how to correctly hold the rod, how to put on the hook or the weight, but mostly how to fish and when to fish.  All the local visitors/ tourist  have really given me the opportunity to navigate these children into a brighter direction whether, it's to start their morning or to end their day. I just love how happy our BCM crew has made each and every person walking by. on Friday when it was time to wrap up a young boy caught a fish within 3 min. of just waiting and standing there it was unbelievable. Throughout the day we kept catching baby crabs they were soooooo cute i wanted to just take them home with me and raise them.

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