Thursday, July 21, 2016

2nd Week At Spectacle Island

A Great Week At Spectacle Island

kickball competition/tournament  
  It was a great week at Spectacle Island! Kids was going crazy because it was their first time going on the boat to go to Spectacle Island. Some of the kids that were at the pavilion told me that they love going fishing and catch some big strip fish but they asked me if they could take it home. I told them we can't because we gotta let them go again so they could be free and alive. I told some of the kids one day they could take the fish but I was joking around with them. They really believed me to I felt bad so I just walked away. 
When we were playing sports with the kids they told me that they had a great time and they wish they could come back to the islands with us and keep playing but I told them next time when ya'll guys come back we will play sports again. I told them I enjoyed playing sports with them and hope I see them next time. It felt good hearing kids telling me that they enjoy there day with the save the Harbor Save The Bay group and wishing them back. Mostly my favorite part of the week at spectacle Island is going to the island and going back to Boston we play "quack a dilly oh my" that was my best day with the kids on the boat. The sports we played at spectacle were kickball and football, my favorite. We were playing and winning every time in kickball. Kids was shouting out my name to kick a home run so I was like okay I got this but every time I kicked the ball the wind took it and Chris catched  all the ball i be kicking.

Sincerely, Carlos Garcia 

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