Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just keep Kayaking...well sometimes

Hey guys,
I know, I know, I know, another blog about kayaking? Yes and I'm sorry, but kayaking with these kids is amazing. Each week we get different responses to kayaking. Week 1 was all about kayaking to gather the trash in the harbor, while week 2 was all about kayaking to find periwinkles. Last week I kept the kids entertained by telling scary stories, but this week is interesting because not that many kids are interested in kayaking. I don't have to squeeze 4 kids on a kayak because everyone wants to go. This week, I don't have 20 kids running up to me about going on the boats, its almost like a delicacy that only a few kids enjoy. And of course the kids that go kayaking love it. They all want to help out and paddle, and they all want to tell me all they know about the harbor.
Today I made the right choice by not taking out a kayak. I was sitting on the dock with Ary and we were watching the kids play with the crabs in the touch tank, when all of a sudden I heard one of twins run over to yell "WE CAUGHT A FISH! WE CAUGHT A FISH!" Of course I was immediately surprised because I thought he meant with the fishing rod. As it turns out, that while our luck with fishing rods has been a bit sour at Piers Park, our luck with crab traps has been great. On Friday we caught one fish in a crab trap, and today we caught two in a crab trap, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The one we caught in the afternoon, Sean quickly put back in the water because everyone was already off the dock and Sean and I were just finishing to clean up. This just proves that there are fish at Piers Park, but they prefer crab traps over fishing rods. Just more proof that the Harbor is alive!
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