Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hearts and Crab Habitats

Hello everyone, it's Sedny again. Its been a very great week so far at Blacks Creek. Lately we have been lucky enough to catch many little crabs at the Creek. Megg, who is one of my favorite kids ever, is always trying to get me to help her build a crab habitat. That's what she calls it. She waits until we catch about three to five crabs and then she comes up to me and asks, "Sedny, can you help me build a crab habitat pleaseeee," and when she looks at me so nicely, I can't say no. Today, we made a heart-shaped crab habitat and Megg was very exited and happy with the heart-shaped "habitat".
 I'm always so happy to help the kids and make sure they having the best time possible. It feels so great to know that they are looking up to you and you are the reason why they are always happy to go back the next day. That is a great feeling and I am honestly so happy that I have the chance to go do many things that I did not do when I was growing up.
I feel so blessed to be waking up every morning knowing that every day I am having the opportunity to do new things and be an example for these kids. I hope that everyone else is taking this opportunity to make this summer special for all these kids. This is all for now, I hope everyone is having as much fun as I'm having.

Until next time!

~Sedny A.

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