Friday, July 29, 2016

Chv Fishing Trip #2

Hey everyone it's Mauricio again back with more from Camp Harbor view! I have been having a blast so far this summer and the kids have been super into everything we've been doing at CHV. Wednesday, July 27  was the date of our second fishing trip. This fishing trip was one to remember. Not because of the fish we caught but because of the jokes and awesome communication going on between us and the campers. We hadn't been catching a lot of fish so the trip ended up being a bust , but we still had fun at the end of the day. 

It is said the reason why we didn't catch that many fish is because of a banana! A silly banana caused our troubles. It is a fisherman myth that if someone on board the vessel is eating a banana then it won't be a healthy day for fishing. Even though we didn't catch many fish the kids were engaged in talking with the staff , cracking jokes and just having a good overall time. The best thing is they never gave up trying to catch fish either! They were determined to get their catch and they defiantly deserved it. 

Peace out - Mauricio

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