Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Harbor is Alive! (And Clean!)

This week, we had a small group of older elementary school-aged children come see us at Carson Beach. They wanted a chance to learn about the beach, the harbor, and to be able to participate in some of the activities that we offer as well! Their group was focusing on civic engagement and natural science, something they hoped we'd be able to tie in with. I was super excited to be able to share some of the knowledge I have not only about Carson Beach specifically, but about the Boston Harbor overall.

Here I am giving a little spiel about the harbor; I started by asking how many of them had been to this beach before. When not many hands were raised, I asked how many think they would swim in this water. I went on to declare that Carson Beach is one of the cleanest urban beaches in the entire country. When I talked about beaches in California, Florida and Hawaii not being as clean, both children and counsellors' faces were shocked. It was amazing to be able to share this information and be able to visibly see that it was actually being processed.

After we discussed the importance of keeping our beaches clean, so that we can use both water and sand, we went on to play some games on the beach and create some art on the shore. We attempted sand raking, but unfortunately the tide was only starting to move out and expose the perfect damp sand.

So, a small group and I worked on filling up buckets of water and pouring it on the sand in order to make our own wet sand for creating sand art! Also, I introduced some of the children to periwinkles, and my friend Elijah here because quickly interested and enthralled by them. Overall, it was an amazing day and the same group will actually be returning tomorrow for more fun. Can't wait to see what else the beach has in store for all of us!

Until then,

Bridget M.

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