Thursday, July 28, 2016

First Day at my new site

After working at Camp Harbor View for the first three weeks of the summer, I got assigned to All Access. Even though I was sad to leave Camp Harbor View, I was excited to start working at a new site with new people. Working at All Access is very similar to being at Camp Harbor View, for a couple of reasons. One reason is the large amount of campers we work with at both sites, and we do similar activities at the two sites, also both sites are very close to each other. When I first learned I was working All Access I wasn't too disappointed since Camp Harbor View had prepared me for what All Access had to offer. There's only a couple of things we do during All Access that we don't do at Camp Harbor View, one is swimming and the other thing is playing sports. Unfortunately I wasn't aware that we all swim during All Access(while at Spectacle Island). When I told Dave and Andrea, that I couldn't go into the water since I didn't have a change of clothes, they weren't too happy. So when I started walking along the water Andrea filled her water bottle with water and then dumped it all over me, next Dave came and tackled me from behind and while I was pinned to the ground Andrea once again filled her water bottle and poured water all over me.
Other than this one unfortunate incident, All Access was filled with fun and exploring. Carlos and I played a very competitive game of soccer, which was very fun. I also got to enjoy my first time on Spectacle Island with a quick walk around the island.

Abel Yohannes

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