Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Choose Your Own Title

So for this blog post, I decided to make the title a multiple choice. There is no correct answer, but I decided that one title could not describe these past few days. So, without further ado, the title options are as follows:
a)    We made toast on a table
b)   Feeling Hot Hot Hot
c)    Do You Want to Paint a Fish (to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman)
Friday was brutal in terms of temperatures. It got well into the 90s, and in the afternoon we were unable to use the tent due to a museum event that needed to be set up. Hence the first and second title options. We ran out of bait halfway through the first shift, so I ran down to the office to get some more bait. While I was gone someone gave us some leftover bread to use as bait, which we did. We had a little leftover, and we ended up leaving it on the table incase we needed more bait. And it turned into toast. No black toast, mind you, but toasted enough that, had it been made in a proper toaster, I would have eaten it. 
Saturday and Sunday I worked at the Revere Beach Sand Castle helping kids fish print. Fish printing is essentially fish stamping. Basically you paint a fish (we used flounder because they’re so flat), press paper onto the fish, remove the paper, and then an image of the fish is stamped onto the paper. I’ve been to the Sand Castle Festival several times, but always as a visitor, not as a worker. It was very interesting working instead of visiting because you get to stop and look around you. Our area was a little off to the side, and I think had we been closer to the sculptures, more people would have come and fish printed. 
Between the blistering heat and being covered in paint, I can say I had an enjoyable weekend. Part of working at Save the Harbor Save the Bay is that some moments can be slower than others, some more uncomfortable than others, and some more trying than others. But best part of working at Save the Harbor Save the Bay has been the experience. It’s put me in positions I thought I’d never be in, and forced me to think on my feet when a surprise situation arises. I never expected this when I started working at Save the Harbor, but I can candidly say that choosing to work at Save the Harbor would be one of the best decisions of my life.
Nearly Headless Nick the Fish
Fish Printing is a Messy Business
Nahant and Revere Beach
Sarah M

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