Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Adventure Everyday

Hey you all! 

I hope everyone is having a great time. It's been a really good week at Blacks Creek, as always. This week so far we've had a lot of fun. We played a different game called Gaga Ball. The game is very fun. All the kids loved it. Basically, it's very similar to kick ball but instead you can't get the ball to hit you above your knees and you and everyone else is inside a hexagon-shaped enclosure and everyone is kind of hitting the ball to one another and try to take them off the game. The kids loved the idea and kept asking for more and more rounds until we had no more time to play. Everyone was having a great time. I enjoy watching the kids having a good time: It makes me feel satisfied. 

This week was also very fun at Carson. I let some kids bury me in the sand but then got stuck and couldn't get out. I thought the other staff wouldn't help me out and felt like I was going to be there for a while. It took us a couple of minutes to actually get me out. But the funny thing was that when people were passing by they were all surprised and laughing as if they have never seen such a thing. I looked weird, too, because it looked like I was standing up but only my shoulder and up was showing. You would not see the other part of my body. That was something new: I've never been buried in the sand before and honestly I don't even know how I agreed to let them bury me. But life is to experience new adventures every day and that's why I love my job! 

Then on Tuesday at Courageous, I found out my new talent: I can actually draw! No. I'm kidding; but I'm not bad at it. I want to share my pictures with those that didn't have the chance to see. It all started off when I was coloring with the kids, so I said instead of coloring I will just start from scratch and make my own seal design in chalk. And so I did and it was pretty exiting because they loved it. You never know if you're good at something until you try. Therefore I'm happy to say that I try new things everyday and therefore I'm discovering new things about myself that I never knew before. Well, I hope everyone is doing great and having the best time ever!

Until next time,

Sedny A.

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