Sunday, July 17, 2016

The good and the bait

over the few days I've spent my time in blacks creek and courageous sailing. Over at blacks creek the crab traps we had set up caught a few crabs as well as the kids catching very small minnows and hermit crabs, here's a picture of Edward trying to find some minnows and crabs with the kids.
next up we have courageous unfortunately I do not have pictures from courageous, but fortunately you guys don't have to see the fish I was decimating with a dull knife. We had fishing rods set up and we had the kids using the rods to hopefully catch something and we did! We caught a crab using a smaller fish that was caught from a trap we had set up. After the fish I was decimating was all used up we resorted to using the crabs as bait and fortunately I don't have any pictures of that either. At the end of the day my hands were stained in the smell of fish and crab innards. I hope the rest of you guys are having a better day than I was... 

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