Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Great Catch

I'm back at Piers Park and it's the most fun and new place. I love to be at this site during the summer and my time at Save The Harbor/Save The Bay. The children are very welcoming and even more excited to meet new staff. I got to meet a lot of new friends. We had three sets of twins: two were fraternal twins and there was also a set of identical twins. The day at Piers Park went by really fast and we had so much fun that I didn't want the children to go. During the afternoon, the kids played a game called Jeopardy and the categories were about the things that they learned during the week. I never knew a game of Jeopardy could get so intense with a bunch a little kids but they knew things that I didn't even know about sea animals and about East Boston history. I guess you really do learn something new everyday! After that the kids went down to the dock and pulled up crab traps that they set down over the weekend. They caught green crabs, red rock crabs and spider crabs. A few moments after, when we were about to clean up and head back up to shore, one of the kids asked to pull up a crab trap one last time, and how could we say no to such a cute little face? So we did pull it up and in the crab trap was a little fish. What a great way to end the day at Piers Park! I'll be back next Friday for more fun.

~Daynaja D.

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