Friday, July 29, 2016

Need A Doctor At Spectacle.....

Need A Doctor At Spectacle!

Good afternoon everybody, last week on Thursday I got injured again because when I was splashing water at everyone I stepped on a shell. It was really painful when I stepped on it. I jump out of the water as  fast I could to see my toes but people thought there was something in the water but I said "Someone call a doc my toes is injured I got a shell hooked to me". I took a big huge breath and pulled the shell out of my toe as fast as possible. At the end of the day, I enjoy swimming at spectacle when is a sunny or rainy day. I'll still be in the water waiting for people to enjoy there self in the water on a sunny day. My best memories at Spectacle Island is being on the boat, kids and I playing quack a dilly o my. It's a game where everyone is around in a circle and everyones gotta put their hand on your partner beside you. A lot of kids like to play the game with me because I am the number one of the game I never get defeated by no one but there will be like 20 somethings kids that want to face me but I give every kid a chance to beat me.

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