Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Making Waves at Soundwaves

Hello again fellow adventurers!

This past weekend was filled with blue skies and live music once again as I took part in the annual Soundwaves event at Spectacle Island! Although we weren't on the spacious New Boston this time around, the Samuel Clemens proved to be a worthy vessel. Filled to the brim with music junkies, fans and bands alike, we danced and sang our way out to Spectacle Island.

The Samuel Clemens

Once we arrived at the island, the majority of the crowd disembarked to find a nice spot to post up and listen to the bands. With smooth blues music filling the air, many people took to the beach. The cool waters surrounding Spectacle provided much needed relief from the hot sun. All topped off with a hotdog and a soda, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of Soundwaves! 

The Final Act of the Day!
If I had to chose a highlight of the day, I think it would have to be the performance put on by the final band. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I could not have guessed that later that day I would have been singing and dancing along to "My Girl" with a bunch of strangers I had never met before, but at the end of the trip that is exactly what happened! No matter how many times I go out to the Boston Harbor Islands, I always find a way to do something I've never done before. Soundwaves was an amazing event that I would certainly love to partake in again next year. 

Until next time, keep on exploring!
-Luke C

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