Thursday, July 28, 2016

what was it?

Not too long ago a young boy was fishing in hope to catch something big and stunning. He wanted to catch something no man would ever forget. He want to catch a shark! He pulled up the reel, put it down and pulled it back up then threw it in. He gave up and sat down for a bit, but he never gave up on what he was striving for. As soon as he came back and pulled up the reel there was something all right! We thought it was just a piece of trash from afar then we took a closer look and it only looked more of a sack of eggs than what we originally thought it was. We got a magnifying glass and saw that there was some type of organism inside for sure. As we were looking at it and saw sienna floating around we pretty must thought it was either shrimp, mosquitos or even fish. We knew it had to be something! It was slimy and just not the best thing to hold. I hope one day we find out what it really is. The young boy although determined to catch a massive sea creature, he did not. Whomp, whomp!

- Isabella Perez-alvarez

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